1. HatedAngel Moderator 37wk 3d ago

    You have now been muted since you proceeded to keep posting suspicious threads with outgoing links.
    This is your 2nd warning
    Proceed to violate the TOS and you will be banned

  2. HatedAngel Moderator 38wk 4d ago

    I've already warned you about putting unnecessary outgoing links in your threads, and putting your threads in the right category.
    This is your official warning. Keep it up and this will result in becoming Mute / Banned

  3. HatedAngel Moderator 38wk 6d ago

    So just an unofficial warning but all the threads you made were in the wrong category so I stuck them in the right one (from General Discussions to Computers and Internet) except for a few that didn't quite make sense or didn't really function like a thread (a place for conversation)
    Also please in the future refrain from putting unnecessary outgoing links in your threads.
    Again this is your unofficial warning.

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